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U.S. National Academy of Sciences Briefing on Abrupt Climate Change

The U.S. Academy of Sciences is holding a one hour briefing, on December 3rd at 11am Eastern Standard Time, covering a new report that looks into abrupt climate change. Here is the description of the report “Abrupt Impacts of Climate … Continue reading

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Bounded Resilience: The Most Important Concept You Were Never Taught

The human body is a miracle of self-organizing complexity which is resilient enough to sustain itself against many different challenges and changes in external variables. There are limits to this resilience though, and it has to be constantly on alert … Continue reading

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Hegemonic Resistance to Change

To properly understand how to drive the required social and economic changes we need to be able to understand how the powerful, who benefit from the current system the most and also tend to be the most indoctrinated in it, … Continue reading

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Alternative Currencies & Financial Practices: A Historical and Cross Cultural Perspective

The current financial system is addicted to growth, through such things as the debt-based creation of money, the charging of interest upon debts, and the growth assumptions embedded in the valuation of shares and other financial assets. If a lack … Continue reading

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Cooperatives: A Historical and Cross Cultural Perspective

The cooperative movements represent large, diverse alternatives to the dominant private-ownership model and the cooperative ideal has resurfaced many times during the history of modern industrial development. The worker-based movements of the 19th and 20th centuries stemmed from the displacement … Continue reading

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Unsustainable Farming: From Bird Droppings to Corporate Agriculture

        The linkage between access to energy resources and the level of social development and complexity of a given civilization was noted in the work of Tainter, who states that “Human societies and political organizations, like all living systems, are … Continue reading

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Social Inertia in the face of Climate Change

Why is it that human civilization has been unable to take the steps required to forestall the devastating consequences of climate change, which may even include societal collapse, when faced with a scientific consensus that it is a very real … Continue reading

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Economic Growth: A Social Pathology

The pathological pursuit of economic growth is central to the way in which our societies are run, and forms a major barrier to reaching a sustainable state for humanity. That such growth endangers our very survival by degrading and exhausting … Continue reading

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Why United Nations Climate Change Conferences Will Always Fail

The issue of Climate Change, by its very nature, requires humanity (or at least a large part of it) to act in unison to remove this systemic threat to the basis of modern civilization and perhaps its own survival. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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