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Winners and Losers in the Age of Constrained Oil Supplies

 Oil Supply Constraints Economic growth throughout the past century has been dependent upon access to cheap oil, with the relationship between world economic growth and oil consumption growth being very tight. Oil is also the predominant transportation fuel, having replaced … Continue reading

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Financialization, Usury and Some Alternatives

This a presentation put together by my colleague Pat Conaty in the B.C.-Alberta (BALTA) Finance Research Cluster. He is also a Fellow of the New Economics Foundation in the U.K. and a research associate of Community Finance Solutions at the … Continue reading

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Arctic Amplification: Water Vapour, Permafrost and Peat

Water Vapour             The previous posts about Arctic Amplification1,2 covered the albedo (reflectivity) effect, and the breakdown of climate zones and the Jet Stream as the temperature difference between the Arctic, the non-Arctic Northern Hemisphere, and the Equator becomes smaller … Continue reading

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Modern Debt-Based Money Creation and Alternatives

The presentation below explains how money is created through debt by the current banking system, and then covers some non-debt money alternatives. As the latter does not create debt it can be used in a no-growth/de-growth environment. Debt-based money with interest in … Continue reading

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Email Subscription Problems Fixed

There were some issues due to the setup of the subscription application. These have now been fixed and the subscription application is fully functional. Likes(0)Dislikes(0)

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Intergenerational Justice: How Will Our Children Judge Us?

           Over the past decade that I have spent trying to get my head around the suicidal trajectory which modern societies seem to be locked into, I have struggled to understand how we turn this thing around. Human decision-making, especially … Continue reading

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Trade Deals are more about Private Power than Trade

As the post Hegemonic Resistance to Change1 discussed, the ruling elite of any society will try to embed a worldview that supports their position as an unquestioned conceptual framework within which decisions are made. They will also want to embed … Continue reading

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Why Economists are like 5 year-olds

Introduction             Five year-old children inhabit a magical world where cardboard boxes can become castles, Father Christmas lives in Lapland, ghoulish creatures can be hiding under their bed, and they can converse with secret friends that no one else can … Continue reading

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Arctic Amplification, Weird Weather and Agriculture

Fossil-fuel powered human civilization has existed for just over two centuries, a mere blink of an eye compared to the billions of years that the earth has existed, and has been aided by a relatively benign and stable global climate. … Continue reading

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Arctic Amplification: White reflects and dark absorbs

The Arctic is warming about twice as fast as the rest of the planet due mainly to the simple fact that white ice and snow reflect up to 80% of the sun’s energy that hit them while dark water and … Continue reading

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