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Keeping Local Communities Alive For When We Will Most Need Them

As energy becomes harder and more expensive to produce, societies will increasingly become unable to afford its usage. The cheap energy upon which modern societies were built will become a thing if the past and only the highest return, and … Continue reading

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The Financial System as an Impediment to Significant Emissions Reductions

The global financial system displays the same bounded resilience that many complex systems in nature display. Within certain limits the system maintains its integrity but when those limits are broken positive feedback loops can rapidly move the system to a … Continue reading

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Muddling Through and Unsung Heroes

             I wake up in the morning ensconced in a duvet and sheets made with materials from many different places around the world, together with artificial fibres and dyes which are to a large part made from oil. Then I … Continue reading

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The indigenous and modern relationship between people and animals

Indigenous groups hold a fundamentally different view of their relationship to animals than do modern industrialized societies. The latter tend toward the view put forward by Descartes (1641) that non-human animals are simply automata, with no ability to reason or … Continue reading

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The Schizophrenic Society

My first book, “Energy & Finance” is being published at the end of February and I am now researching a second one. This is the draft introduction to the book I am thinking of writing about society’s inability to act on … Continue reading

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Superficial Giving While Ignoring Real World Truths

I was walking up Yonge Street in Toronto this afternoon and a very likeable and cute young woman stopped me and tried to sell me on giving money to a charity. She was great at selling so I couldn’t stop … Continue reading

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The “Climate Pause” Diversion: yet another excuse for lack of action readily grasped

The climate deniers, together with the vast majority of the mainstream media, have hailed the “climate pause” as evidence that climate change either does not exist or is much less urgent than previously believed(1). This has been facilitated by the … Continue reading

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