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The Creation of Society’s Shared Hallucinations

┬áThis is another of my draft chapters from the book, “Schizophrenic Society”, that I am working on. Please feel free to provide editorial feedback. Since the advent of the printing press and general literacy, media organizations have constructed parallel realities … Continue reading

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From Nature as the Nurturing Mother to Nature as the Thing to be Controlled

For the vast majority of humanity’s time on this earth, individuals have lived within small groups of hunter gatherers. These groups truly lived within nature and although they could use such things as fire and selective plant removal to alter … Continue reading

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The United Kingdom: Bad Circumstances and Bad Policy

For the past couple of weeks I have been in the United Kingdom (U.K), where two months of nearly continuous rain storms in many areas have produced extensive flooding. Such flooding has become somewhat of a fixture with every year … Continue reading

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