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Energy & The Financial System: What Can I Do?

Unlike the rest of the content on this site, this is copyrighted work which cannot be reproduced without the prior and explicit permission of the publisher, Springer. This is the fifth chapter to my book on Energy & The Financial … Continue reading

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The Ukrainian Conflict And U.S. Hegemonic Resistance to Decline

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s, the United States (U.S.) entered a period during which it was the sole global superpower. The Eastern European countries that were previously within the soviet sphere were integrated into the … Continue reading

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100,000 Page Views In August

When I first started this blog, just under a year ago, my aim was to try to help as many people as possible understand the issues that face humanity. As time passes, with still no meaningful changes to push human … Continue reading

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How To Reduce Living Standards Without A Revolution: Slowly & Lie About It

The average person in the United States has a nagging feeling that they have been getting poorer, relative to their parents at the same stage of life. This period of falling behind has been going on for decades, not just … Continue reading

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