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Putting The Pieces Together: Climate Change

When looking at the predicament facing humanity, it can be comforting to take an individually positive piece of information as proof that things may not be so bad. Unfortunately, such false optimism is not warranted even though it tends to … Continue reading

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“The Schizophrenic Society” Now Published

My latest book, “The Schizophrenic Society”, is now available from Friesen Press and Amazon at C$9.99 for the electronic version (a little more for those wanting a physical book). It took 6 months of writing, and 6 months of editing … Continue reading

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Humanity’s Inertia in the Face of Increasing Droughts

Human society seems unable to move away from the exponential economic growth that is the underlying cause of the unfolding crises of climate change, ecological destruction and resource depletion. Instead, it works to adapt itself to the early manifestations of … Continue reading

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