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Climate Change Policy and The Super-Hero Syndrome

There is a genre of Hollywood “feel-good” disaster movie, where everything seems nearly hopeless until the end, and then suddenly, many times against all hope, the super-hero (or super-heroes) saves the day. Whether it be human heroes that blow up … Continue reading

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The Lost Six Months In 2009 That Still Haunt Us

As President Obama started his first term in office he was provided with the kind of opportunity for real change that progressives had only been able to dream about for nearly a century. The deregulation of the financial industry had … Continue reading

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Trump: A New Face On The Same Old System

In modern times, the wealthy and powerful need some level of consent from the majority for the system that protects and enhances their wealth. As long as individual citizens believe in the system consent can be engineered, “by an elite … Continue reading

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