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Trump’s Foreign Policy of Divide & Conquer: China first, Russia next, then perhaps the Climate?

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the U.S.-led liberal international order has made incredible gains in Europe: East Germany taken over by the capitalist West Germany Yugoslavia broken up, with Croatia and Slovenia joining the European Union and NATO … Continue reading

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Renewable Electricity Generation In Western Europe & Scandinavia – A Realistic Assessment

Western Europe and Scandinavia have been held up as leaders in moving to a low-carbon future in electricity generation, but the reality is very mixed. Scandinavia benefits from its large hydroelectric resources, relative to population size, and therefore has a … Continue reading

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The Only Options Provided: Drill Baby Drill and Drill Baby A Little Less

There have been innumerable pages of angst produced to bemoan the election of Donald Trump to the U.S. Presidency, together with his proposed administration full of climate deniers and “drill baby drill” advocates who have never seen an environmental regulation … Continue reading

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The View From The Early 2030’s

The irresistible inertial force of economic growth is colliding with the immovable object of the limits of the Earth’s systems. Positive feedbacks in the climate system are now being triggered, much earlier than had been previously assumed, that will make … Continue reading

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