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Why Greenhouse Gas Emissions Did Not Really Stabilize In The Past Few Years

Only counting CO2, not the other greenhouse gases  Carbon dioxide is not the only greenhouse gas; the most important others are methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). Methane has about 84 times the climate warming effect that CO2 does in … Continue reading

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Tar Sands: Building The Biggest Industrial Museum In History

At some point within the next decade or so the major nations of the world must start to make substantive progress in cutting the usage of fossil fuels. A major focus of such efforts would have to be within the … Continue reading

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Climate Denial From An Oligarchic Perspective

I have been reading an excellent book by Jeffrey Winters, “Oligarchy”[1], which traces the history of oligarchs. By oligarchs, he means those with extreme levels of personal wealth that allow them to fundamentally affect a nation’s affairs. They both have … Continue reading

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