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The Soft Climate Change Denial Process

A two-thirds chance of probably escaping dangerous climate change  Once upon a time the international community agreed on the goal of keeping the warming of the planet above “pre-industrial” times of 2 degrees centigrade. There was a lot of debate … Continue reading

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The Inability To Accept That Growth And Sustainability Are Not Reconcilable

There seems to be a complete inability for senior policy makers to even countenance the possibility that a period of economic contraction may be required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the rate required to forestall dangerous climate change. This … Continue reading

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Less Bread More Circuses?

The Roman poet Juvenal stated that the common people were only interested in bread (income) and circuses (entertainment) rather than real freedom. With the advent of modern communications technologies, from the printed word to the Internet, the ability to provide … Continue reading

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Is The Plateauing Of Carbon Dioxide Emissions Over?

The biggest reason for the near plateauing in carbon dioxide emissions over the past few years has been the reduction in coal use in China (which uses about half the world’s coal, 3,546 metric tonnes in 2016 from 3,969 Mt … Continue reading

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