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A Rapid Reduction In Sulfur Aerosols Is Not Good for Climate Change

The increase in sulphur dioxide aerosols from the rapid expansion of coal burning in China and India, and shipping that utilizes high-sulphur bunker fuel in general, has created an increase in global dimming that has offset part of the global … Continue reading

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Could A Rapid Move Away From Coal Speed Up Climate Change?

A significant amount of the reduction in coal burning in such countries as the United States and United Kingdom has been achieved through the replacement of coal with natural gas. The resulting reductions in carbon dioxide emissions have been hailed … Continue reading

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Trump: A New Face On The Same Old System

In modern times, the wealthy and powerful need some level of consent from the majority for the system that protects and enhances their wealth. As long as individual citizens believe in the system consent can be engineered, “by an elite … Continue reading

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“The Schizophrenic Society” Now Published

My latest book, “The Schizophrenic Society”, is now available from Friesen Press and Amazon at C$9.99 for the electronic version (a little more for those wanting a physical book). It took 6 months of writing, and 6 months of editing … Continue reading

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2008 Financial Crisis: Historical Context & Current Situation


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Watching The World Go By: Iroquois Six Nations, Ontario, Canada

Twenty five kilometres south west of Hamilton, Ontario, is the Six Nations (Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, Seneca, Onondaga, Tuscarora) of the Grand River. It has over 25,000 band members, the largest First Nations population in Canada. There are also other Mohawk … Continue reading

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Energy & The Financial System: It takes Energy to get Energy

Unlike the rest of the content on this site, this is copyrighted work which cannot be reproduced without the prior and explicit permission of the publisher, Springer. This is the second chapter to my book on Energy & The Financial … Continue reading

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The Creation of Society’s Shared Hallucinations

 This is another of my draft chapters from the book, “Schizophrenic Society”, that I am working on. Please feel free to provide editorial feedback. Since the advent of the printing press and general literacy, media organizations have constructed parallel realities … Continue reading

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The Financial System as an Impediment to Significant Emissions Reductions

The global financial system displays the same bounded resilience that many complex systems in nature display. Within certain limits the system maintains its integrity but when those limits are broken positive feedback loops can rapidly move the system to a … Continue reading

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Muddling Through and Unsung Heroes

             I wake up in the morning ensconced in a duvet and sheets made with materials from many different places around the world, together with artificial fibres and dyes which are to a large part made from oil. Then I … Continue reading

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